Crystal Necklace Cleaning

When I wore this 3 strand crystal necklace to my son’s wedding in 2002, my Aunt Rhea sat right behind me. She leaned forward over the back of the pew and said, ”Oh you’re wearing your Grandmother’s necklace.” Now I’d always thought of it as my mother’s necklace when it came to me in 2000 when my mother passed.

Today I found it in my dresser and thought I’d like to clean the crystals and wear it this coming Saturday to the National Kidney Gala fundraiser to which Steve and I are invited.  Spiff up a plain dress for sure.

I wish I knew more about the necklace but there is no one to ask.

A search found a simple method of a few drops of dish soap and some alcohol in lukewarm water, a cool rinse and then gently dry with a handkerchief so no bits of fiber from a towel.

20 thoughts on “Crystal Necklace Cleaning

    • Thanks Pam. I learned from a other blog follower it is Aurora Borealis with facets. So good to know.

  1. What a beautiful treasure. You need to write down what you do know about previous owners, so no more history is lost. I know you’ll feel connections to your mom and grandma every time you wear it.
    Can’t wait to see photos of the necklace at the gala.

  2. A true treasure to have in your jewelry box. It’s classic and has tremendous meaning. As a former jeweler, I can tell you it’s ‘Aurora Borealis’ with facets. Enjoy and wear in good health. 👍 😎

    • How wonderful that you are able to identify it as Aurora Borealis. I was fortunate to see the Northern Lights when I went to Norway and it is such an apt description. Thank you so much.

      • Just popped into my blog. I’ve been neglectful. I need to get over my writers block. You’re very welcome on my descritpion of your crystals. It must have been a glorious trip to see the Northern Lights. I’ve seen documentaries about it. I imagine it leaves an unforgetable imprint.😎

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