Allegheny Cemetery Walk

Today was  the day to get moving. The skies threatened rain so it would have been so easy to cancel and stay home. I even emailed to ask” is the walk happening rain or shine?”  Turns out they are committed and walk in the rain.

I decided I’d better go walk after telling everyone I was going to take a walk through this historic Allegheny Cemetery sponsored and led by Fitness Instructor Nancy of the Stephen Foster Community (senior) Center.

Now there were two speed walkers who left the other four of us in the dust. Experienced walkers for sure.  How I made it 3.5 miles is amazing. It’s happening again next Tuesday, too. Hmmmmmm

The Speed walkers like pinpoints as they pulled away from the pack. 

There were three Fox dens you can see on this little hillside. The seasoned walkers have seen their heads peeking out of the holes.

Cemetery workers cleaning up all decor and wreaths as of March 1st.

My second unicyclist sighting in a week. 

A poignant sculpture at a child’s grave



7 thoughts on “Allegheny Cemetery Walk

  1. I have relatives in the adjacent St. Mary’s Cemetery. That is the one patients could see out their window from St. Francis and now Children’s Hospital. Quite an incentive to recuperate.

  2. I know Allegheny Cemetery and the adjacent St. Mary’s Cemetery well. I walked and ran through them often during the 30 plus years that I worked at St. Francis. Depending on the route there can be some tough hills. To be honest, I distinctly remember the hillside crypt in your first photo.The cemeteries are interesting and seem to make the miles go by quickly.

  3. I’m proud of you for doing the walk! The little path seems very inviting. Poignant to see the contrast of such vitality (unicyclist) and loss (child sculpture). Life is complicated, for sure.

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