Garden of Constants by Artist Barbara Grygutis

Seen last week when I was on Ohio, I was walking to the swim meet from the  parking garage. And I did experienced exactly what the article quoted below says….”a fun surprise to stumble upon”

The Garden of Constants at the Ohio State University is a fun surprise to stumble upon. The massive, colorful numbers bring a whimsical air to the lawn outside the engineering building. They’ve stood there since 1994… “ from the large numbers are sculpted  from copper and bronze by artist Barbara Grygutis (click her name to see her other public art sculptures)

I will have to return to photograph these….

…. you’ll find pavers containing mathematical and formulaic constants. The formulas reflect the electrical engineering and computer science activities and classes that take place within the surrounding buildings.“

5 thoughts on “Garden of Constants by Artist Barbara Grygutis

  1. Reminds me that everything that we do or say is related to numbers in one way or another….so unique…and artistic too

    • Mo one else noticed. Good eye I will look into that next visit. Six and zero Separate and 8 lying down on the ground. Deep meaning I’m sure I’m going to find the formulas in the pavers too

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