Mazeroski in Moonlight After the Gala

You now how I like to photograph the Bill Mazeroski statue down by PNC Park and the Allegheny River. The statue captures the moment he ran into home plate , winning the 1960 World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

My dad was at that game.

Tonight the moon was out. Steve and I were on our way home from the National Kidney Gala at Heinz Field.  BTW the photo I donated went for a nice amount in the Silent Auction so that felt satisfying. Such a good organization. 80% of donations goes directly to the patients and their needs.The number of people with kidney disease is staggering. Attendees were incredibly generous especially when in a 10 minutes blitz they raised about $25,000.

 Steve took this picture of me with Mill Firelight on the Mon. 


4 thoughts on “Mazeroski in Moonlight After the Gala

  1. Loved all the different elements of sky , water and scenery in your photography.
    Your grandmother’s necklace was the perfect compliment to your outfit.

  2. Well, of course Maz is and was my favorite Bucco. So whenever he is in one of your photos I have a big smile on my face!

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