18 thoughts on “Flowering Trees

  1. Redbud trees. Just gotta love them. No other color excites my visual cortex to such a satisfying degree. All of the trees in your photos are beautiful but the redbuds, even the ones imprisoned in a sidewalk up against an industrial building, are just glorious.
    When I was younger, I worked as a river guide on the Cheat and Gauley Rivers in West Virginia. I didn’t do it for the money, or the thrills not even the camaraderie. Nope, I did it to get down the Cheat River canyon to see the Eastern Redbuds blooming high up on the cliff faces of the canyon walls. Merely a glimpse as the rushing water carried us past was enough to long to do it all again the following spring.

    • Awww Andy what a great comment you wrote today. Thank you for sharing. Yes, those redbuds are special.

  2. What a lovely sight to see the trees in your area in bloom, Ruth! We need to be patient here in the Arrow Lakes region. Nature is far behind this year.

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