One Task Accomplished

Has anyone asked what you’re doing? I read that during the pandemic, people are documenting their accomplishments on social media. Some are impressive- home improvement, organization, gourmet meals, stacks of books read,all sorts of things.

When someone asks me tomorrow what I did over the weekend, I’ll be able to proclaim this-

“I washed a stack of potholders today. And one dishcloth.”

Woven on a metal
loom with stretchy loops-some wool, some cotton. I’d guess they are at least 10 years old.

19 thoughts on “One Task Accomplished

  1. At least you have one task to show. I was on fire the first week of the quarantine — cleaning, sorting, etc. but I’ve really slowed down now. Need to get going again. Much to do.

  2. Week #2– I have been watering several rows of sunflower seeds in hopes of seeing sprouts next weekend. The squirrels and I are battling over the other small flower seedlings. They are interested in digging through these flower boxes> are they looking for food or hiding their food ?

  3. I think this is a big accomplishment if you’ve been putting it off forever! In the business world, It follows the criteria for a S.M.A.R.T. goal:
    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound

  4. Ruth – this is super fun!
    And I love those loom type of potholders

    We are not doing major house projects during this pandemic – but some small tasks have been covered

    • Your comment was in my SPAM folder. What is up with WordPress? We have exchanged comments on one another’s blogs for a time now.
      Anyway, glad I found it. I am thinking of ordering more potholder loops. Very zen to weave.

      • Ruth – I happen to love those kind of potholders as a user – and I also
        Like the crocheted ones we have left from grandma T!
        And as the producer of them – I can see the zen quality – maybe a good idea to get!
        And so many of my comments go to spam.
        Maybe it is because I have a weird blogging style right now – I am away and then come back with spurts and drop lots of comments – which can works for me right now but maybe it causes a flag to go up?

      • No idea. I’ve not been a dedicated blog tender as of late. Some days everything seems like too much. I like the wool Harrisville loops and I found a loom in a closet the other day. I’m going to make some.

      • Oh happy looming.
        And regarding blog habits – whew! Everyone needs to take heed and be careful or it can be a black hole that sucks and drains! 🕳
        And what I see if your style (it I may share my view) you seem to be a consistent daily poster – with your special pic of the day – sometimes you have a more detailed post – and then you visit in cycles.
        I think that is a good pattern.
        In contrast – sometimes visiting too much can be Awkward at times – for the visitor or the receiver –
        Anyhow –
        Seems like you have a just fine balance that is your own flow

  5. If my family and I remain healthy and sane during this pandemic, I am considering that all of the “accomplishment” we need.

    • You know it! Exactly. My post was a bit of humor cause I’m not accomplishing much of anything at all.

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