Middle Row, Second from the Left. Throwback Thursday

A faded school photo found in a desk drawer while cleaning.

In the middle row. Second from the left. Charlotte Rowley in the dark dress and her younger sister Edna Rowley next to her. The handwriting of the list of students is unknown to me but I thought it was a good find, to see all the names. No date I could see but Charlotte was born in 1888.

So many old photos are unidentified.

Now the printing on the cardboard is my mother’s hand Historical Pictorial

Farmingdale School. Winnebago County Illinois
Grandmother Charlotte in the dark dress and the girl right next to get, a head shorter, is my Great Aunt Edna


7 thoughts on “Middle Row, Second from the Left. Throwback Thursday

  1. This is a fantastic photo! I wonder what happened in these children’s lives after this picture was taken. I’m sure a novel could be written to tell each one’s story. (And we could listen to the audio books.)

  2. You are fortunate that your mother made “some notes” identifying some in the picture. I acquired several old albums of “portrait” style photos passed down from my great grandparents. Unfortunately not a note, a comment, location (other than “England”) was found anywhere on a picture or in the album. I had no idea who any of the people were. Of course there is no one left to ask. Wish I had just a few minutes more with my grandmother To ask who these people were. Information lost forever. When downsizing i finally “let them go”. Somewhere in an antique shop somewhere most likely.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with your family photos, Rob. I’m remiss in marking mine. Good to realize how important it is to identify the subjects.

  3. That throwback is even before my time! It’s so great that you have those pictures. I always think that those people are still alive in your mind when you have those pictures.

  4. I love seeing the attire, hairstyles, and expressions of people from our past. You have a true treasure trove of these gems; thank you for sharing them with us.

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