Spalted Maple Piece for Meditation

When cleaning out a desk last week, I was reunited with this piece of smooth polished wood. The maker emphasized it was for meditation, NOT a worry stone.

Spalted Maple. What is it? Wood that has started to decay. Botanical Designation: Not a distinct species of maple; spalting is a fungal discoloration caused by partially decayed wood.”

I bought it from The Wood Rasp Shop vendor at the Pittsburgh Indie Knit and Spin at the Ace Hotel.

In fact, I posted a photo of the maker and his other wood items for sale in November 2018-the post titled Not a Worry Stone .

(I did google worry stones and they can be purchased in bulk)

Incredibly smooth wood to rub between your fingers
David Manos and his wife at the Ace Hotel a snippet from the original post
His website is not active unfortunately as he made all sorts of Really beautiful wooden shawl pins and buttons.

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    • I thought I’d buy some as gifts but his site is down. As to your thoughts on my blogging MO, I think you nailed it, Yvette. I appreciate your thoughts. And I read on another blog that “big changes” are coming to WordPress June first. Clearly I am out of the loop. Thanks for taking time to look and write.

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