Someone Tied a Yellow Ribbon on a Tree To Remember

The gold letters on the yellow ribbon spelled “Cousin”.

Left as a remembrance.

The sign that someone came and put the ribbons there as a tribute touched our hearts even though we didn’t know the person.

Steve and I saw the ribbon on a tree when we were walking in the park. Then we noticed the bench with the memorial plaque right by the tree. We’d not seen it before.

The obituary told how he passed, peacefully under an oak tree in Highland Park, after doing what he loved – hiking. He had a congenital heart condition. So young.

I came home and googled the name and if you click it you can read about his life. Christopher Emmons

The ribbon on the tree, the memorial bench and the message on the plaque, so poignant. Can’t even fathom how much his family misses him.

14 thoughts on “Someone Tied a Yellow Ribbon on a Tree To Remember

  1. It’s so nice that you took the time to gather his information and share it . We all need to slow down and enjoy everything around us.

  2. Dear Ruth,
    Thank you for helping us pause and be grateful for the special gift of life.

  3. “Take time to rest, reflect and find peace.” That’s a good message for all of us. Beautiful blog message today, Ruth.

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