Four Generations of Ancestors

On my mother’s side. 

Four Generations

 My Great Grandmother Mary S. Smith Rowley

My  Great Great Grandmother Charlotte Ann Clark Smith

My Great Aunt May Baker Rowley Potter  b.1883-d.1972

her son Melburn Clark Potter

b.1906-d. 1940


My Great Great Grandmother  Charlotte Ann Clark Smith   

Born in Ohio 31 May 1834 Died Durand Illinois 22 January 1916 Aged 81

Buried in Durand Winnebago County Illinois Laona Cemetery

My Great Grandmother
Mary S Smith Married Eugene Baker Rowley in 1880
Born  in Durand, Winnebago, Illinois, Died 1917
Daughter of Clark Smith & Charlotte Ann Clark
Mother of Clair S Rowley, May Baker Potter 1883-1972   Charlotte Rowley Van Sickle 1888-1980, Edna Rowley Morey 1892-1990,, Cecile Rowley Caven 1897-1957

6 thoughts on “Four Generations of Ancestors

  1. Classic image. I always wondered if folks often looked stern because the photographer asked them to hold still for long exposure. Often infants and little children are blurred as they did not cooperate. Also — Mary passed in 1917 at age 60, perhaps from the flu?

  2. Great family portrait of outstanding quality. I am amazed how photographers of several generations ago could produce such marvellous photos, Ruth.

  3. What a treasure to have a photo of these ladies… don’t you just wonder what their lives were like?

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