A Birthday Card from 1963

You know I’m always trying to cull the memorabilia around my home. Glad I saved this one as I found it again just in time for today.

This is a birthday card from my mother and father wishing me a happy Fourth of July birthday. The year I turned eleven. 1963. I looked on the back and it’s a Norcross card for 25 cents. I was visiting my godmother in Maybelle, Colorado that birthday. My mother wrote “What a life.to have a ride on a super jet.” The red words are raised and flocked.

A cool find while cleaning out papers in the desk.. my dad’s lengthy messages inside includes an itinerary for my brother’s trip to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico with the Boy Scouts.

There is also a lovely card from my sister from this year, too. Happy Birthday to me😀

My mother lets me guess which picture on the front resembles me!
My dad filled up the entire interior of the card when I unfolded
2020 card from Mary

14 thoughts on “A Birthday Card from 1963

  1. Happy Birthday Ruth. What great parents and siblings you have. So much love. Wishing you peace today and always. We are sending lots of love from our home to your home. Enjoy this very special day.

  2. Not many fireworks on your birthday this year but lots of good wishes! Happy Birthday Ruth E!

  3. Wow! What a discovery from your memorabilia treasury, Ruth! You must have been thrilled, when you found it. Happy Birthday to you from Canada!

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