Lettuce from a Friend’s Garden

I got a text that my friend saying she was in the driveway. She’d brought a bag of homegrown lettuce from her garden. I sat on the side porch stoop, she stayed in her car. We talked a bit. Thanks for the delicious lettuce, Joan. You wrapped it so carefully in the wet towels. It was crispy and refreshing. Summer.

13 thoughts on “Lettuce from a Friend’s Garden

  1. Only Groundhogs and possibly raccoons have enjoyed our lettuce. We have yet to have any. So far, we’ve only trapped a raccoon; the neighbor tells us the groundhog is so fat, he can back out of the trap!

  2. We have a friend who shares fresh vegetables from his garden. We especially like the Butter Crunch lettuce. He also plants a small garden for our mother who at 97 still enjoys being a home grown country girl. Like you ,we are friends who share.

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