Sharon Weaver – Portrait Artist

Portrait and a Plein Air Artist, Sharon Weaver is also my son-in-law’s mother.

This afternoon I walked up to the front steps and saw a package on the stoop. I read the return address and thought it looked like a box for artwork, stamped “fragile” .

Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped it and saw myself, Knitting.

I think she captured my likeness.

Thank you for the magnificent painting, Sharon. I can tell you put a lot of ❤️ in it. A happy birthday present, indeed!

29 thoughts on “Sharon Weaver – Portrait Artist

  1. What a special gift, Sharon has captured your likeness perfectly, even the colors are so you! Happy Year, Ruth.

  2. a beautiful painting and it’s you!!! Beautiful you!!!! Happy Birthday, all July!!! Love,

  3. I had great joy painting it and had to use lots of color even down to her red glasses! That’s how I see Ruth….so full of love & life!! And of course knitting!!

  4. “full of love and life”, yep, Sharon got it right. What a wonderful gift . . . a new family heirloom for sure.

  5. Ruth happy birthday! Your portrait by Sharon Weaver is spectacular. You look relaxed, happy in your work and every inch is beautifully painted. Sharon is a talented artist….and generous.

    • Thank you Colleen. She’s amazing. My daughter is married to her son.
      I enjoyed seeing your family’s portrait on FB.

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