Freedom Tower Two Views

My sister sends me photos from her early morning walks in New York City.

Her guest blogging helps me with interesting posts when I’m not really going anywhere.

It’s cool she’s a tourist where she lives. Thanks, Mary.

16 thoughts on “Freedom Tower Two Views

  1. Have been following your blog for a while and thoroughly enjoy it. The pictures today from your sister are gorgeous. I don’t travel and it is so nice to be able to “see” the world through other eyes!!

    • Thanks Rachel. I’m grateful Mary can “take us” to NYC when none of us can travel there in person.

  2. I’ve actually been to the top of Freedom Tower. Beautiful views even on a cloudy day.

  3. Mary- I suspect you exceed the recommended 10,000 daily steps. Thanks for sharing your interesting neighborhoods with us.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful view of Freedom Tower! Stay safe, Mary! I enjoy your blog, Ruth!

  5. It’s awesome that your sister doesn’t take NYC for granted. And nice of her to share her pics with you (and therefore all of us). 🙂

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