15 thoughts on “My Grandmother as a Young Woman

  1. My grandfather was born in 1895 and died in 1976. It amazes me to think that we remember someone born in the 1800’s. Maybe they remembered someone born in the 1700’s! It makes history seem more comprehensible.

  2. A lovely young lady and I’m impressed she smiled for the picture. Rare in those days.

  3. The difference between these pictures and the woman I knew always amazes me. Love seeing all these old photos

  4. She looks so happy in this picture. It makes me sad to know she somehow lost the joy she felt when this photo was taken,

  5. Really love that smile. I notice a little of what I might call “swagger” in her expression. Your family photos are the best.

  6. That’s an amazingly relaxed picture for the era. Most of the ones we have that survived are stiff studio portraits, though I do have a tiny blurry one of my grandmother climbing over a fence!

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