The Sum of the Harvest

A chubby groundhog has been devouring my tomatoes. The ones that were taking time to turn red. These two little yellow tomatoes are all I have to show for my farming efforts this summer. Next year I’ll have to put up a chicken wire fence.
One homegrown tomato apiece.
They were delicious but you definitely experienced a hankering for more.

20 thoughts on “The Sum of the Harvest

  1. Been in your shoes the first 5 years of gardening here. Be aware that groundhogs climb. Happily. Our 10′ fence is no challenge to ours. We had to electrify it.

    • I hadn’t realized that they climb. Maybe I’ll just shop at the farmers market for tomatoes.

  2. My brother had the same problem with groundhogs. He couldn’t believe how high they climbed. He also caught 11 squirrels and relocated them to a wild area near the Hackensack River where he lives in New Jersey. They were playing ball with the bigger tomatoes.

      • It wasn’t all on the same day. The trap isn’t that big! But yeah, squirrels are pretty prolific around there. Here in upstate NY we have chipmunks galore this year.

  3. These are the sad moments in a gardener’s life, when the crop one has grown with so much love and care is eaten up by a groundhog. Here in my garden in Canada, deer loved to browse among the vegetables. So I built a fence to keep them out.

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