Airedale Duo on Guard

Henry and Josie anticipate Maura’s arrival, as she brings @perpetual_puppy_airedale  (AKA Scout) into the house on Saturday afternoon.
My Pandemic pup(pet) has entertained the grandchildren virtually but Saturday they got to meet him in real life. He’s got an Instagram account and I’ve photographed him and posted. Maura said to me -when I had him on Face Time – let me see him run around on the floor, show me both your hands!  He’s the best kind of pup for me, zero maintenance.
Four of the Grandkids, their mom and two real Airedales and were here this weekend for a quick 24 hour visit. I had not seen them in 3 months.

14 thoughts on “Airedale Duo on Guard

  1. I had an airdale that I loved, who died too early of lymphoma. Given how challanging she was, I can’t imagine having two! Great bread – for the energetic.

  2. What a great photo . Can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Wish we could get these months back.

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