Lunch by the Ohio River

Hostess Deb created the perfect Pandemic lunch on her deck overlooking the Ohio River. We’d not seen each other since early March. Centerpiece courtesy of Donna, who gave me a kalanchoe in a tiny pumpkin, too. Asian chicken wraps and potato salad with a side of red grapes. A tall glass of apple cider from the farm stand. An oatmeal cookie.

There were two barges that went by with tug boats, several freight trains across the River. Just a few trees starting to turn.

It was so lovely to see longtime friends. Catch up before the winter sets in.

Yes that’s a mask in the middle and an oatmeal cookie in a cellophane sleeve on top of the fish napkin.
Kalanchoe in a pumpkin
I was knitting. Donna was crocheting. Deb captured her luncheon guests on the deck and cast on a pumpkin hat right after lunch.

This is where I photographed the hungry bee devouring his pollen lunch .

Another angle

17 thoughts on “Lunch by the Ohio River

  1. What a great place to share lunch with friends. Nice to see you got to visit and catch up after so many months. Great view of the Ohio River. Now you have a beautiful Kalanchoe as a reminder of your visit together.

  2. I love that you two were able to catch up a bit before the snow flies. It’s hard being separated from people for so long…

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