Penny the Golden Doodle: a Family’s Best Friend

The unexpected loss of a beloved pet, who’s a big part of the family, is a painful and sad experience. Laura, James and Charlie will miss her so much. Here are some photos when Penny was featured on the blog.

Remembering Penny today and the happiness she brought to her family.

RIP Penny

Penny liked to watch TV -The Dog Show, Marie Kondo, Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation

Penny thought she was a lap dog.
She liked to nap with her Dad.
Here she is meeting her cousin Henry when he was just a pup

Remembering Penny the Golden Doodle: a Family’s Best Friend

24 thoughts on “Penny the Golden Doodle: a Family’s Best Friend

  1. Awe – so sorry for the loss – condolences to all
    And the quite
    “The only fault with a dog is their lives are too short” comes to mind
    And I love that photo of Penny looking out into the snow from the porch

  2. Laura and James: So sorry for your loss. I believe our beloved pets will be with us in Heaven.

  3. So sad. Lovely photos with lots of memories. Laura, James and Charlie…so sorry for your loss. You too Ruth!❤️

  4. Anybody who has loved a family pet is sharing a tear with Laura, James and Charlie this morning.

  5. Laura, James and Charlie: I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved Penny. Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh to comfort you through this difficult time.😘

  6. RIP Penny, you will be forever loved and remembered for the happiness and special memories. So sorry for your loss Ruth, Laura, James & Charlie. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures, she was clearly a big part of the family.

  7. I’ve never had a pet and I think that is because the sadness when you lose that pet. It’s not easy.

  8. I have a plaque that says “All you need is love and a dog.” Sorry about your loss.

  9. Condolences to Laura, Charlie and James for the passing of Penny. Our pets truly are treasured family members.

  10. Oh Penny…. I’m so sorry to hear of this loss. She was a perfect gal, and will be missed by many. Thinking of you and the family during this hard time. I still think about my dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge often.

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