What’s Your Comfort Food?

Last Thursday on our virtual knitting Zoom, my friend Joanne showed this lovely watercolor painting titled Comfort Food.

I had to smile cause I knew Ina Garten’s Modern Comfort Food cookbook was to arrive at Joanne’s house in Florida the very next day. I’d ordered it as a gift.

Here’s Joanne’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup painting, Thanks for sending, Joanne.

And here’s the cover of the new cookbook

Can’t wait to cook some of these recipes

And the back cover. Black and White Cookies.

What is your go to comfort food in the Pandemic?

24 thoughts on “What’s Your Comfort Food?

      • I should have proof read what I wrote Ruth. My comfort food is jook (that’s what we call it in Cantonese (which I can’t speak)) but autocorrect on my smartphone made it good 🤣

  1. What a beautiful gift, Joanne will certainly enjoy trying all the great recipes. Grilled cheese & tomato soup sounds great!

  2. Recently I made my aunt’s almond pound cake because it’s often made for happy family events, like our wedding rehearsal dinner.

  3. Ruth – thank you so much for sending me the cookbook. It’s so funny because I was on the phone talking with a friend about that very same cookbook which she had just received. While we were talking the doorbell rang, and there was an Amazon box containing the book! What a strange and lovely coincidence. As far as comfort foods, I have quite a long list to include tomato soup & grilled cheese. Chicken soup & peanut butter sandwich. Mashed potatoes & gravy. Tuna casserole. Macaroni & cheese. I could go on and on. I am really looking forward to reading the new book and then trying out some menus. JB

  4. What a wonderful painting! For a second i thought it was real … I am sure Joanne must have been so happy to have recieved that cookbook as a gift! It is quite clear that she has an avid interest in cooking!!
    Do follow us and help us grow 🙂

  5. Delicious! I have many comfort foods. 🙂 When I’m feeling sick, it’s mac & cheese + apple juice. (Mac & cheese as the meal, apple juice as the beverage.) When I’m looking for a night time snack, it’s Raisin Bran. When I want something decadent, it’s a doughnut.

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