Got Grease?

Unable to find an online presence for this business, you’ll have to dial the number on the back of the truck.

That is if you’ve got grease you need to be removed. I envision them sucking out oily grease from restaurant kitchens?

I would have happily added their link to this post. I was behind the truck at the stop sign and snapped a fast pic of the unusual truck.

Definitely looked like an oil truck. The musical Grease kept coming up in my search.

5 thoughts on “Got Grease?

  1. FYI- How costly is it to use grease to power vehicles?
    Is it legal ? Not legal in most places- but a conversation starter.
    For $3000 you can have your car converted – : $1500 for labor and $1500 for the kit. If you have the skills you can purchase kits ranging from $600 to $1700 – dependent upon your car model / year.

  2. Like the name of the business. Great way to recycle and repurpose, thanks for sharing Ruth.

  3. I’ve seen stories of thieves stealing the dirty grease in CA . Seems it’s valuable.

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