The Complete Prune Cake Recipe

Yesterday’s post recipe link had a very strange symbol when there was a fraction involved in the amount of a few ingredients.

Sorry about that.

Good thing I have several eagle eye readers to alert me. Here’s the the entire recipe.

I’m thinking the baking is 325 degrees and not 300 as recipe says but that cookbook was from 1984.

Bake until done.

(Also I’ve used a stick of butter and 1/2 c of olive oil together when I didn’t have good vegetable oil in the pantry) I omit the nuts as my kids didn’t care for them but they are in the original recipe.

Here I’ve declared n kno this recipe COMPLETE. Yikes, I don’t see the 1 tsp allspice in this recipe I’m posting today. Be sure to include it.

Still best the second day after baking. I see I wrote “Best cake you’ll ever eat.” I would say now, “that’s debatable!”

5 thoughts on “The Complete Prune Cake Recipe

  1. Probably 45 minutes would be needed if you baked it at 300 in 9” cake pans. Higher temp, less time. It would probably do well in an angel food cake pan or a bundt pan, too. I’m a little confused about making it in layer cake pans. Do you treat them as separate cakes? With half the sauce for each layer?

    • I’ve always made it in the two layer pans and poured a bit of sauce between layers but most of sauce on top which drizzles down sides

  2. In the 1980s, this may very well have been the “best cake” around. The culinary scene was a little bit ‘sad’ back then. 😉

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