Prune Cake- tastes better than it sounds, Promise

Prune cake recipe is from The Beaumont Inn Harrodsburg, Kentucky. I saw it in a newspaper when we lived in Fort Knox.

I’ve baked this recipe for decades. It’s a moist spice cake. Even better the second day.

Be sure you cook and mash the prunes first!

I shared the Prune Cake recipe and the person said later her cake didn’t taste or look like mine. I asked her about it – she didn’t like cooked prunes so she thought she’d improve the recipe by just cutting them up. The prune mash needs to distributed throughout the batter. Doesn’t work her way!

I omitted the warm sauce this time, cutting the calories of extra butter and sugar but it’s delicious that way. Keeps it extra moist.

Many blog viewers baked a spinach pie and reported great success. Not sure how many will be tempted to bake a prune cake. If you do, please let me know.

Dry ingredients with spices. Cooked prunes (mashed)

And buttermilk is key to success.

19 thoughts on “Prune Cake- tastes better than it sounds, Promise

  1. OH this looks delicious…..and the final secret…buttemilk!!! 🙂 I wish I COULD bake it!!!!

  2. Wow, this looks delicious. I’ve never heard of Prune cake before. Thanks for sharing Ruth.

  3. You shared this recipe with us many years ago. It is great for a larger group- pre-Pandemic – Or share it with friends and neighbors. Four years ago I took it to a memorial service and called it PLUM cake. It was a success – especially among the grand children ages 3 – 15.

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