Bread Making- Guest Blog

Kristin sent these photos of her husband  making bread.
Rick is really good at bread making.  
He’s okay with the photos being posted. 

I added the first photo of my grandmother’s ode to bread and the last photo of Rick kneading his famous and delicious bread in 2016. 

This is a photo of my grandmothers recipe box. there’s a is a poem about bread, glued in the lid. Ella Beyer was my godmother and I was given Ella as my middle name .

A clip of Rick kneading bread from a video I took in 2016


11 thoughts on “Bread Making- Guest Blog

  1. Love your grandmother’s recipe box, Ruth. And just have to say …. I love a man who bakes bread! I remember when I was young my mother would bake bread and put it to rise on the old radiator heaters. And when my dad retired from the Navy, one of his hobbies was baking bread…..once he mailed me a fresh loaf from their home in Nova Scotia down to Kentucky!

  2. Love your grandmothers recipe box, what a beautiful keepsake item. Rick’s 6 loaves of bread look great, he’s certainly enjoying it. I love to make bread.

  3. That’s a lot of bread. Beautiful. There’s something about working the dough, the scent of bread baking in the oven and then biting into a slice of bread slathered with butter. Thank you for sharing this, Ruth. I grew up with homemade bread.

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