April Snow in Ohio – Guest Blog

Photo sent to me by my friend Terry on Wednesday April 21st . Taken from her window. We had a dusting of snow and lots of chilly wind in Pittsburgh but here’s what it looked like in Ohio near Akron.

April Snow photographed by Terry

7 thoughts on “April Snow in Ohio – Guest Blog

  1. Thank you Terry. This is a throw back to my college days at Kent State- walking across campus bundled up like an Eskimo.

  2. I watched media coverage this morning on the various snow events across the country and thought, I’m glad it’s not Minnesota. That said, the past few mornings the temps have been exceptionally cold. In the 20s. And in the southwestern corner of Minnesota, a low of 12 degrees. I’ve seen the occasional snow flurry, but barely.

    • Same here; I’m grateful that at least we aren’t experiencing oodles of snow, even though it’s cold enough for it…

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