My Grandmother’s Nurse

That’s the only real detail I know, as told to me by my Aunt Rhea.

Grandmother Charlotte Van Sickle had what was called then a “nervous breakdown” as far as I could decipher. The woman in the floral dress came to help . Aunt Rhea said she was her nurse.

Not sure of her nursing credential .

The nurse in front of my Grandparents house
Durand, Illinois

My grandmother on the left
I wish I knew her name

6 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Nurse

  1. It would be great to find out who she was. When my great grandmother was very ill (with cancer) a distant cousin, who had some nursing background, was called in to help. I don’t know if she was paid or just given house and board in the family home.

  2. Someone who nurses is a caregiver, so even if she wasn’t formally trained she was a caregiver.

  3. Great photo, Hopefully the right person will see this photo someday and have all the info you need. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wonder what your grandmother’s “condition” would have been classified in today’s terms. It’s amazing how science (and other disciples) have made tremendous advances in just a few generations. Wonderful that your grandmother was able to get help and support when she needed it.

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