Kennywood and Keystone Safari Park

Grandson Jack is here for a quick visit.

What to do that didn’t involve being inside around people? Sunday night we did three hours of Fall Fantasy at Kennywood Amusement Park but what to do on a rainy Monday?

My friend V said last summer her family enjoyed the Keystone Safari Park. You drive about 2 MPH through the park. Make sure you’re by the car window! You’re feeding a wide variety of animals as they stick their beaks and big faces right in the car window.

Keystone Safari Park

Feeding the Emu

13 thoughts on “Kennywood and Keystone Safari Park

  1. Wow, that looks like a fun time, I would definitely enjoy that. What beautiful animals! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We took the girls to Keystone Safari this summer. They liked it but than we went over to the open part where they could feed the giraffe. That’s all that Abby wanted to see. She was afraid when the animals came too close to the car.
    It was alot of fun for all of us.

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