Freight Trains

Trains overhead while walking with a friend on Heritage Trail Pittsburgh along the Allegheny River, Monday morning. I like the sound of a train whistle.

What a surprise to hear the train coming overhead
Metal wheels screeching on the metal tracks
Find the shopping cart

And Saturday night at Sunset- in Ohio. We crossed the tracks just before the red lights flashed and the gates came down. We pulled in the adjacent lot. I got out and filmed the freight train-a short one. It’s almost 2 and a half minutes, start to finish, which is a short freight train. Train at Sunset in Ohio

13 thoughts on “Freight Trains

    • Yes. I didn’t even realize the tracks were active, everything looks so rusty and decrepit.

  1. Heritage Trail looks like a great place to take a walk. I think the shopping cart is in the last picture, lol. I love to watch trains go by. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Trains remind me of my grandfather (who was a locomotive engineer, and took great pride in that). Lucky for me we live near RR tracks, so I encounter a train nearly every day.

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