A Book for Throwback Thursday

I found this little book on my shelf.

Inside is the name of a dear family friend and the year is 1936.the place name inscribed is Inveraray, which is home to the Duke of Argyll

Here’s the little book I found on my shelf

I look up a couple of surnames. My great grandmother on my paternal side was Rosa Kerr.

So what to do with this little book?

I put it back on the shelf.

5 thoughts on “A Book for Throwback Thursday

  1. Love the book, you have so many beautiful keepsake items. I would put it back on the shelf next to my photo albums. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We can never seem to part with meaningful books of value only to us. So many are taken from the shelf, talked about and returned to the shelf. Point being we get it and are glad that you saved it.

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