Anna Catherine is 18 Today!

Happy 18th Birthday dear Anna. May your birthday be the beginning of a wonderful new year. Sending much love to you on your day!

You can see how excited we all were the day you were born here in Pittsburgh.

The day you were born at Mercy hospital Pittsburgh
October 10, 2003
September 2021


3 1/2

10 thoughts on “Anna Catherine is 18 Today!

  1. Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Anna! Can’t believe it has been 18 years since your excited Grandmother called me from her car to tell me that you had been born!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!! Love Erica in Pgh.

  2. Happy Birthday Anna, may all your Birthday wishes come true!. Make it a birthday to remember. Enjoy it!

  3. Amazing. I remember when you came to school the day Anna was born. She is a beautiful young lady!

  4. Happy Birthday Anna..this surely is a special day. Wishing you well today and all of your says ahead…

  5. Happy Birthday, Anna! I hope you have a happy day and a happy year to come! Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh on your special day. 😘❤️🎉🥰🌷

  6. Happy birthday! I love how the new mom is always in the background, now that baby is here. ❤️

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