Mustard Yes or no?

Mustard. A condiment found on the door of many a fridge.

Did you know there is a National mustard museum?
The museum is located in Middleton, Wisconsin and ooops I missed National Mustard Day this past August 6th.

If you’re YES to eating mustard, which type? And What do you put it on or in? It seems like something you don’t eat by itself.

I have 3 kinds in my refrigerator. Yellow, brown and Dijon.

So many varieties at Labriola Italian Market
Fancy mustard found in Massachusetts

20 thoughts on “Mustard Yes or no?

  1. Coleman’s English Mustard….in a yellow tin. A powder — just add water. HOT!! Good with meats.

  2. Yellow always and a must on hot dogs. Also used on ham and cheese sandwich. A teaspoon of yellow mustard helps with cramps also. We have been to the Mustard Museum. A very fascinating place. One would never believe the different kinds of mustards from around the world. There are thousands.

  3. I have mustard in our fridge. I won’t touch it. Don’t like the smell. So. . .I guess that’s a NO!

  4. Who would have thought, a mustard museum? I’m guessing you probably need to book a reservation in order to get in the place. Why was the teacher covered in mustard? Because she was a sub! dc

  5. I wasn’t aware the Mustard Museum moved from Mt. Horeb, WI., to Middleton. I’ve wanted to visit, but have yet to do so. It could happen, especially since my second daughter lives in Madison. Although I like mustard, I seldom eat it.

  6. Yes on Mustard, yellow or Dijon for burgers & hot dogs. Also use it in dressings. Never knew there was a mustard museum. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hot dog mustard, Hot English, Dijon, Wholegrain all in the refridgerator plus wholegraons and powder in tbe cupboard. Its a great spice/spread for pickling, meat marinades, toasted cheese, fresh mayo, the list goes on.

  8. Yes to mustard. Usually on something, sometimes in something. A required element for deviled eggs, though there is always “debate” in the family about the mustard-to-mayo ratio. (My dad favors more of the mustard side, my mom the mayo side. I like an even balance, but if I have to skew, it’s towards slightly more mustard.)

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