Halloween Greetings

Wishing you an “ enchanted night” -just like the greeting card a friend sent to me.

My DIL made the little ceramic pumpkin in elementary school and I retrieved it from the trash years ago. And the metal Chicken Feeder turned into a Jack o’ lantern was a souvenir from Acton Massachusetts this past August when visiting friends.


12 thoughts on “Halloween Greetings

  1. I have reached the peak of my life, having the Halloween card I sent you show up on your blog where millions of people will see it. It went nicely with your presentation. Thanks. dc

  2. Happy Halloween…Isn’t it great to take out the holiday keepsakes and reminisce. Each one has its’ own story usually reminding us of dear family and/or friends. In this case I can picture your DIL smiling when she sees this photo.I am sure that you made her and her family very happy.

    • And it’s been with me about 16 years but will be going to her own mother very soon. Serendipity

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