Happy Tenth Anniversary

Laura and James got married 11/12/11- ten years ago today. This fabulous shot of all the wedding guests was taken from the balcony by Jennifer Schaaf Photography in Columbus, Ohio. I keep it on a desk in the living room but here it is on a hammered aluminum tray that belonged to my parents. Tenth anniversary traditional gift? Aluminum.

The wedding reception captured by Jennifer Schaaf
Aunt Lala with Michael, Anna, Maura and Jack
3 of them now in High school, 2 driving

9 thoughts on “Happy Tenth Anniversary

  1. Wonderful treat to see these photos again! Happy Anniversary Laura and James!!! One of the most beautiful wedding dresses ever!!! Love XOXO Erica

  2. Ruth, thanks for sharing these great photos. Happy Anniversary Laura and James. Ten years have gone by quickly. We remember your wedding day with fondness for you and your families. We are wishing you a future filled with respect and health and peace and much, much joy.

  3. Congratulations Laura and James! The photos of your wedding brought a smile to my face. Great memories.

  4. Found me! That was such a fun wedding. Imagine a Pittsburgh cookie in Columbus! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary Laura & James, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together. Loved seeing the beautiful photos of your wedding, Thanks for sharing these Ruth, they are so precious.

  6. Love the pic of all of the wedding guests! And look at those four little kiddos….. hard to believe it was just 10 years ago.

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