Manhole Cover Art

Did you know there are artists who roll ink on manhole covers, grates and vents and create art?

In Berlin they are called pirate printers or raubdruckerin. You can click link to see their artwork.

I arrived in Columbus this afternoon and Laura and I went to pick up Charlie at his school. I saw this manhole cover. Didn’t have a brayer or ink but took this photo.

12 thoughts on “Manhole Cover Art

  1. Were you tempted to return and make a tee shirt? I am amazed at the creativity of the pirate printers in Berlin. Who would have thought? The Ohio cover would make a cool image. I do not know how you find these things. They sure are interesting though.

  2. This reminds me of a trip to London with my mother while they were living at Lakenheath. She and my dad got into doing brass rubbings (crayon on fancy craft paper held over brass plaques to mark graves in English churches). We were walking down one of the avenues when we saw a really elaborate manhole cover so we stopped and did a rubbing. A tour bus rolled by and I swear the guide pointed us out! Just part of the local color, I guess!

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