7 thoughts on “The Sound of a Freight Train

  1. These trains go right through the heart of Shadyside/East Liberty daily, passing along side Giant Eagle with the Apartments ontop, Whole Foods, USPS where you heard the train whistle. Too close for comfort ….. considering what they are hauling!!!!!

  2. The sound of a train is what I heard when I went to bed the other night. Except it wasn’t a train, but rather a relentless roaring wind that blew for hour upon hour. At about 50 mph. We were fortunate not to get tornadoes although other places in Minnesota had tornado touchdowns. Four. Our first recorded tornadoes ever in Minnesota in December.

  3. I love the sound of a train going by especially at night. The forlorn whistle conjures up the spirits of the men and women who road the rails (hobos and and yes boettes) and the hobo camps. I think of Woody Guthrie and This Land is Your land and Jack Kerouac in a way. Tis the season.for the Polar Express …

  4. Did it make you jump? We have a train two blocks from our house, and occasionally the whistle has startled me. But I love trains; they remind me of my grandfather.

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