Resolutions or No?

This little gift (sent at Christmas from my friend Joanne) spoke to me today when I picked it up to put it away. Some days it’s a challenge but I’ll put it on the shelf near my sink so I can be reminded.


If there’s one resolution to make, I will make this one.

Do you make resolutions? I used to make a list. you know, the usual – read more books, exercise, get organized….

The Quotable Matches Resting on a Christmas Hat
I finished just yesterday. Disciplined myself to learn Norwegian Knit and Purl technique and except for the last decreases with purl 2 together, I accomplished this personal challenge.
Jawbreaker colorway of Knittinbro Bulky yarn

Quotable Cards makes the matches, mugs, cards, calendars and ornaments.

Arne and Carlos videos for Norwegian knitting technique

17 thoughts on “Resolutions or No?

  1. Ruth ~ I love this photo. I love the colors and the message. I am an eternal optimist and spend a good part of New Year’s Day thinking about the coming year and making notes of my intentions and aspirations. I wish you a healthy year ahead with some joy, peace and happy adventures.

    • I wish the same for you dear friend. Love the colorful
      Matches you sent and your steadfast friendship.

  2. Resolutions are made to be broken. I resolved decades ago to shun the practice of declaring Resolutions. Instead, I set daily goals. New years is merely another day living in the outback of Arizona. With the help of Almighty God, I will strive to complete my daily goals.

    We must live for today for we may not have many tomorrow’s.

  3. Happy New Year Ruth. I’ve been enjoying your blog since September and one of my intentions for 2022 is to continue reading it daily. You have a wonderful eye for things and keep it fresh with family photos, your knitting, and your observations. Your blog is a sort of meditation, a few peaceful moments in the day where all is good. Thank you. dc

  4. I think trying to find JOY in each day is a great resolution, especially in our world today. Happy New Year to you Ruth! I hope you find joy today, just as I have reading your blog.❤️

  5. Each morning I pray that I will be peaceful and kind for the day. Some days I am better at it than others. The people around me will need to be judges. Happy New Year Ruth. Thank you for your friendship. Thanks too for the happiness that knitting has brought to our home.

  6. On my December birthday, Hesh asked what I’d like to see accomplished this year. My answer was to find a new place to live within the year. We’ve been looking, but no luck. So I am calling this my New Year resolution.

  7. These jolts of color and the message on the matchbox bring joy into the first morning of this new year. Thank you for sharing this, Ruth. I appreciate you, your photos and your creativity. Along with your generosity. A joy-filled 2022 to you, dear friend!

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