Do You Write Lists?

Reblog from March 17, 2013
what is your List stYle?

with new photos of old lists found around my house Today
Jan 1, 2022 


Sunday afternoon I drove across the Monongahela River to the Waterfront at Homestead, PA and did a little grocery shopping.

When I wheeled my cart to load the car, I saw this little list on the pavement of the parking lot.

I used to photograph found lists, little wrinkled slips of paper, write poems about them. Some lists abandoned in a cart-  seemed like poems when I found them.

I’d think about the people who wrote them. Sometimes they’d written the oddest mix of items.

I have a friend who keeps a magnetized shopping list pad on her fridge and when she uses something up, she writes it down immediately so she can replenish the larder.  I’m not that disciplined.  I’ve written a list and then left it at home but it can help when trying to remember what I’d written down.

There are even tablets of preprinted lists and you just check the boxes of what you need to get at the store. That’s not my style of list, either.  When I entertain I’m more likely to write a menu AND a shopping list.  Cross things off as I put them in the cart.

What is your “list style”?


Following list photos taken January 1, 2022

I definitely have plenty of places to write lists

Crossing things off your list is satisfying
An artwork I drew (colored pencils) years ago with a list included

23 thoughts on “Do You Write Lists?

  1. I generally make lists for grocery and other stops I make before and after. I try to make a loop if possible. For 2022 my list has one preprinted item: READ RUTH’S BLOG. dc

  2. I live by a list, lol. Have a detailed ongoing list that includes sections. Groceries, Meals, 4 stores, Things To Do, Home Improvements, Christmas, etc. Then from that list, I have a Errand List like shown above.

  3. Grocery lists mostly. Occasionally when going on a trip….things to do before leaving or things not to forget. I love all the old lists.

  4. What a lovely ‘list of lists’! We always have a few lists going, though recently the grocery list is an app on our phones. It is called AnyList and is handy because it is a list that can be added to or amended by both the hubby and I. My husband will often forget to take a list with him if he buys groceries, but he always has his phone with him, so AnyList works well for us.

    • That app sounds like a great solution to a forgotten list. Thank you Margy. I wish you a good 2022. Thanks for your visit and comment today.

  5. I prepare a grocery list right before going shopping. Otherwise my list making is minimal, although currently I have a “column ideas” list taped to my desk (for a column I create for a regional A & E magazine).

    I also jot down book titles, websites, etc. if I’m watching TV and hear something I want to check on more in depth later.

    If I’m hosting a dinner, I’ll make a list, simply so I recall everything I’m serving and what I need to do.

    A poet friend of mine takes found items like that parking lot grocery store list and crafts poems. I did that once with a notice I saw posted on a bulletin board at the Salvation Army.

  6. I love lists. I make a list every night of everything I hope to accomplish, big or small, the next day. True Confessions: sometimes I add something I just completed so that I can cross it off! And I cross off completed tasks with a bright highlighter so that it jumps out at me. Makes me feel satisfied.

  7. My life is better with lists. I have a weekly To Do list that I tick off in a bright colour as I go. I like the positivity of accomplishment when I can see that I have achieved things, even on the tough days.

    • I think I need one pad of paper for one good list. I find them all over the place. Thanks for sharing your method. I like the bright color!

  8. I couldn’t function without my lists! In a little over a year I lost both my husband and my father, and at times the grief has left me immobilized. So I make a list every day of what absolutely must be done that day, and at least those things get done.

  9. I make countless lists but never for shopping. I make lists of things I have to do. Sometimes I put things that I have no choice but to do like wash up, but mainly it is office stuff I want to achieve. The beauty of the list for me is being able to cross things off and feeling such a sense of wow I did it.

  10. Indeed. I don’t keep one one the fridge, but on the island with a pen. I usually have a grocery list in categories like, Fruits & Veg, baking, meat, miscellaneous etc, usually in the order of the grocery store we’re going to. Things go on it as they get used up. I’m terrible at copying things I missed or couldn’t get to the next list though.

  11. I found the comment I left on the 2013 post (side note: how is it possible that I’ve known you for 9 years??!!) Times have changed a bit re. my list-keeping: My husband and I now use an app for the running grocery list, and I have separate Notes lists on my phone for things I want to keep track of. But yes, I am still very much a list keeper.

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