The Last Package of Lebkuchen

When I got to Laura’s house there were three packages of Lebkuchen by the guest bed. My daughter knows me well. These are from Germany.

Unfortunately, Oscar the dog got one package and ate some (no ill effects even though he got a chocolate covered one)

but he didn’t get my favorite kind.

I just opened it tonight. One a day for six days and then will have to wait until next Christmas

Kind of a soft gingerbread with a blend of spices, nuts and peel, not too sweet.

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14 thoughts on “The Last Package of Lebkuchen

  1. What a great gift. Sorry the dog couldn’t contain himself! But we all know once you’ve enjoyed them, there’s no controlling yourself!
    Our German exchange student introduced them to us and sent them for years. Now we settle for something similar from Aldi’s!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Mmmmm ……do they look good! My treat at Christmas is Stollen…..I think it also has a German origin.
    Trader Joe’s is very good – sells out early! My favorite is Mediterra Stollen from the East End Coop….
    and their own shops. The treats of Xmas!!!!XOXO

  3. Yum! They sell these at World Market year-round, if you happen to have one of those stores by you. But sometimes the “scarcity” of the item makes it that much more sweet.

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