Liquid or Bar?

Soap. We use a lot of it, especially these last couple of years. Do you sing Happy Birthday every time?

According to an article in Healthy ““Whether soap comes in a bar or in a liquid form, they are both equally effective at reducing pathogens and removing dirt,” says Rachel Burns, MD, a dermatologist in Edina, Minnesota…”

Liquid or bar? What’s your preference?
Scented or unscented? Hand washing or showering/bathing make a difference in your selection?
Fragrant Soap from New Zealand sent by Woolswapper -thank you Catherine
Fancy soap from Florida, thank you Joanne .
Thank you Carrie for the lovely bars you sent from Maine. And the handknit washcloths are great!

Just thinking about soap today. I wanted to show a tiny wrapped bar of motel soap but couldn’t put my hands on one tonight. A year ago I posted about bars of Fels-Naptha soap but that’s another post.

10 thoughts on “Liquid or Bar?

  1. Liquid soap (Williams & Sonoma) for hand washing. Bars of Dove soap for shower. Rarely do I stray from those. Lots of decorative soaps around from European markets, but I look at them vs use them. Maybe I should start using them.

  2. We use a bar. Regular old zest. I don’t sing happy birthday but my grandkids do.

  3. Liquid for hand washing, no singing. Bar for shower, full concert. I have a bunch of different bar soaps I use. dc

  4. Definitely scented handmade bar soap for the shower, liquid in the kitchen. Never remember to sing Happy Birthday, lol. Thanks for sharing Ruth!

  5. I use liquid for handsoap and bar for body soap. I do prefer bar because it is easier to carry, plus I feel like I am reducing my carbon footprint (albeit little). Lastly, I like the designs on soap bars.

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