Supporting Small Business

In a January post I asked how old is your spice?

The gift of a new jar of Bagel-on-Grant Seasoning gave me the idea for the post and this chain of events happened (thank you Amy of McWalker Yarns, a neighbor of Steel City Salt Company in Millvale PA)

I photographed the new jar of seasoning because it was so clean and fresh looking compared to the other spices on my spice rack. Made me think how old are some of these jars of spice?

Included the link of Steel City Salt Company in the post and a blog follower saw the post and the link. Then they mail ordered these products in the photo below. I received the photo yesterday and was glad to know small business was supported from someone having read the blog

The blog follower even wrote an email to Steel Salt Salt Company telling how reading the blog promoted this order. And they are very satisfied !

Thanks for sending me the photo of your order from Steel City Salt Company
Here’s the top of my jar of Bagel-on-Grant Seasoning

10 thoughts on “Supporting Small Business

  1. Great choice of spices. So nice to hear how your blog started a chain of events. Looks like a great company.

  2. I took a chance and ordered the gift box for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas in 2020 at the last minute because our plans to see them in person had fallen through. Justine had recently started experimenting with cooking and I thought she and Justin might enjoy it (he loves to eat!). The company got the box there and last year Justine mentioned she would love a repeat order except for one of the blends. I went into the store and they were very accommodating, it was no problem to swap out that variety for another one and the woman helping me not only spent a fair amount of time helping me pick the substitute out, she gave me a couple of samples with recipe cards! I love shopping locally!

  3. The circle of connections, how this blogging community loves on and supports one another is beyond uplifting. Thank you for sharing this with us today. With much love from southern Minnesota.

  4. You are a big promoter of small businesses – and the people who run them (i.e., “People At Work” series). So lovely that others are taking your lead and putting your words (and images!) into action.

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