Swine Show Handlers and My Grandfather at the Fair

Lincoln Illinois Fair

My paternal grandfather Floyd M. Hendricks is the man in the middle with the microphone in hand. Perhaps he is congratulating the man with the prize winning pig. The men on either side have been showing their swine based upon the canes they hold.

If you want to brush up on how to Swine Showmanship click here

Steer your hog out of corners and away from crowds. A cane makes an excellent steering device.

Make all your moves slowly, smoothly and naturally.

Donโ€™t turn the pig sharply; let it walk naturally. Be on the lookout for trouble from unruly hogs in the ring and try to avoid the area they are in.

A nervous, jumpy show person makes a nervous and jumpy hog.

Never put your hands on the animals back when in the ring. However, you may use your hand to help turn an uncooperative pig.

A soft push from your hand is more desirable and easier than another tap of the show cane.

My grandfather in the hat holding the microphone

13 thoughts on “Swine Show Handlers and My Grandfather at the Fair

  1. What a treasure to have all these photos…to learn about your family. I’m thinking a lot today about my husband’s grandparents, born in Russia (part of current day Ukraine). The Helblings originally moved to that region from Germany.

  2. Notice that no one is overweight. These folks surely had plenty of food but hard work and no “junk” meant they were lean and probably healthy.

  3. Love all your pictures and stories of your ancestors. I’ve never heard of the canes and swine showmanship before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. “A nervous, jumpy person makes a nervous, jumpy animal/child/partner” – very wise words. [I took a few liberties with the original quote.] ๐Ÿ˜‰

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