HS Yearbook Ads 1906

I thought these pages of ads at the back of my grandmother’s Rockford High School 1906 yearbook were interesting. Two digit phone numbers. Pork Packers, fountain pens, Milliners, maps. Carbon paper for your typewriter, fine pocket knives.

Rockford Illinois
Where do the pencil shavings go?
I think I’ll search the Internet- see if any of these businesses still exist

7 thoughts on “HS Yearbook Ads 1906

  1. I love reading stuff like this! It made me remember when Wendy’s restaurants first opened they had tabletops with old fashioned advertisements on them.

  2. I may relate to this 1906 world better than the current one!! 🙂 so interesting. Let us know if any of these businesses still exist!!!!

  3. The bank ad caught my eye. I remember having free banks for young people in the 1950s. They looked like a small book with the name our local bank on the cover. Our mother kept the key. Every so often we would deposit our savings in our account.

  4. The one that got me was an ad for carbon paper. I used carbon paper. I did smile at all f them.

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