A Favorite Appliance

Do you have a favorite appliance? My friend just repaired the pin that holds the head onto the body. It had worked its way out so the head wobbled when being used. I was so pleased it could be fixed as this Kitchen Aid mixer was a gift from my dad in 1986. It’s been a reliable workhorse in several kitchens where we’ve lived. A lot of birthday cakes and batches of cookies have been produced with it. And when I realized how happy I was it was fixed, I decided it’s my favorite appliance (with my toaster I received for my 50th birthday a close second).

Steady workhouse since 1986

11 thoughts on “A Favorite Appliance

  1. We have the exact same Kitchen Aid! Same age. It is always reliable. Definitely my favorite appliance.

  2. I don’t have a specific appliance that is my favorite, but as far as general appliances go it’s a tie between our clothes washing machine & our microwave.

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