Do you like the scent of lilacs?

I love the old fashioned look of lilacs in the white ironstone pitcher.

But do I like the scent of the bouquet in my house?

I like the scent of lilacs when they are outdoors on the bush, not in the confines of the house.
Reminded me of scent of Hyacinths at Easter.
Pretty intense.
Purple lilacs on the north side of my house
White Lilacs

12 thoughts on “Do you like the scent of lilacs?

  1. These are beautiful and love the smell of lilacs!!! They were my Mother’s favorite……..and well timed for
    Mother’s Day!!!

  2. I like having lilacs in each room! Unfortunately, we still won’t have them for awhile in mn.

  3. Not sure about the indoor scent but I certainly would like a great bush somewhere in my gardens.

  4. I love everything about lilacs from the flower itself to the scent to the memories attached. Randy picks a sweeping bouquet of lilacs for me every spring, from wherever he can find bushes in a public place. My Uncle Mike had lilac bushes outside his front door and Mom would often drive to my bachelor uncle’s farm just to gather a bouquet. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. Your photos are stunning.

    • What wonderful memories the lilac photos evoked. Thank you Audrey for your lovely comments and encouraging words.

  5. I do love lilacs – and agree that they are best enjoyed outside or in a WIDE open indoor space.

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