Topiary Takeover at Franklin Park Conservatory

Monday afternoon, Laura, Charlie, and l spent a couple of hours at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus Ohio. Here are a few example.

The Exhibition Topiary Takeover.

Twenty-five topiaries made of living plants will take over the gardens this summer—fourteen of which have never been seen before! The animal topiaries are filled with plants to mimic the colors and textures of fur, skin, scales and feathers. UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites inspired the animal topiaries and the plantings that surround them. Visit sea creatures from the Great Barrier Reef, a show-stopping peacock from India, a majestic bison of the plains and more

If you’ve followed the blog for a time you’ve seen Topiaries posted here when I visited in 2017

15 thoughts on “Topiary Takeover at Franklin Park Conservatory

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    • And you know the limitations of photography. To see the bison’s grasses on his form blow in the wind, now that’s something to see.

      • You are so right!
        Photos only give us a bit of the beauty – although at times I have e seen it where the photo was better than the real thing – like with some paintings
        But usually it is the real life experience is more full!

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