Spoon Jar

Keeping teaspoons easily accessible.

My paternal grandmother kept a clear glass spoon jar on the farmhouse table. I’ve switched my teaspoons from a jelly jar to this cheerful smiley mug.

Do you know anyone who keeps a spoon jar?

Of course people have utensils readily available in an open container, usually near the stove so they can grab a spatula.

No soup spoons allowed. The live in the drawer.

Teaspoons in the smiley mug

8 thoughts on “Spoon Jar

  1. I like that mug better than a glass jar. We didn’t have a spoon jar but I like the idea. I would use the spoons for tasting.

  2. I’ve never used a spoon jar, but love the idea. I’m constantly reaching for one to taste test what I cook. Love the happy mug.

  3. Cute idea, I like the smiley mug. I don’t have have a spoon jar but I have various crocks that I use for all my untensils.

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