Happy Milestone Birthday Mary

Wishing the happiest birthdays, with much love, to a wonderful sister who is always there for all of us. I compiled a few collages to help celebrate the day. Thanking you for all you do to make life nice. I’m so glad you can be with David today.

Sending birthday greeting across the miles to you.

With our mother
With Mark
With Mark Matthew and Laura
Fun photos we’ve taken in Ohio NYC Alaska and the Sock Monkey Museum in Rockford,” Illinois
With David and Me
With great nieces and nephews
In between Sharon and me at Anna’s Graduation May 2022 our most recent pic

14 thoughts on “Happy Milestone Birthday Mary

  1. Happy Birthday, Mary!! Have a celebration and wonderful day in Oregon !
    Love, Erica in Pgh,

  2. Happy Birthday Mary, may all your birthday wishes come true! Beautiful photos and precious memories.

  3. Happy birthday Mary. Enjoy this special day. Wishing you many healthy and peace filled days to come.

  4. Happy to share our love for cousin Mary Elizabeth with plenty to go around for her sister Ruth who brings us all together

  5. I agree with Sheree, sisters are a blessing. In the photos of Mary and Ruth they are always smiling. Probably because they love…….having a brother named David. Happy Birthday Mary. Dc

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