Ruffled Mushrooms on a Rotting Stump

You know I’m fascinated by fungi. No, this is not to eat! but there so many varieties and different ways they grow. They’re found in unexpected places. This crop on a rotting stump.

A Google image search says it might be this type of ruffled mushroom.

Trichaptum abietinum is a species of poroid fungus in the order Hymenochaetales. It is saprophytic, growing from dead conifer wood. The white-gray cap is 1–4 cm wide and usually no more than .5 thick, shelved and fanlike, with brownish and leathery flesh. The spores are white, cylindrical, and smooth. Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Ruffled Mushrooms on a Rotting Stump

  1. I had a Roofer ask me if he could have the mushrooms from arounds the bottom of one of our White Oak trees. He wanted to eat them. I said, no because I didn’t want to make him sick. He said ,they were good and would not kill you. ( I live in the city)

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