Filming Happening on Location

I photographed the Magic Beach Motel in St. Augustine, Florida in January 2020. The motel was Built in 1951.

Definitely a retro vibe.

My friend Joanne, who lives nearby, told me there’s some filming happening at this location.

Here’s what I discovered on Google- “There’s still no word on what the series will be….”

Details are under wraps of course (click for news report) Secrecy is key. Lots of speculation. Seems to be a Netflix Production. As we discover the show, I’ll post an update.

A shot in the dark
Vilano Beach – St. Augustine, Florida

6 thoughts on “Filming Happening on Location

  1. I think it is about a senior citizen from Pittsburgh who travels to Florida and posts her daily activities on her blog. She gets herself in all sorts of predicaments. The pilot has her getting arrested for peeping when all she was doing was photographing a couch put on the curb for pickup. Unbeknownst to her the photo showed a naked man in his bedroom doing jumping jacks. After booking she uses her phone call to order knitting supplies from a local yarn store. Of course additional charges are filed for attempting to have weapons (knitting needles) delivered to her in jail. She becomes a favorite to the jailers because people keep sending her cherry tomatoes and garlic and gourmet donuts.It should be a terrific show if they could get a believable actress. Does anyone come to mind? Dc

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