Head of Cabbage Two Views

This huge head of cabbage came in the Farm box this week. I used half for a fresh cabbage salad. The other half will be used in a minestrone soup.

Lots of my friends enjoy stuffed cabbage but I’d find that a challenge to make. And although I like Sauerkraut, that’s not on my to do list either.

How do you like your cabbage prepared?

8 thoughts on “Head of Cabbage Two Views

  1. Back in the days when I was cooking, I often made cabbage salads or added cabbage to lettuce salads. Mmmmm, good!

  2. I love cabbage any way at all. When I was a little girl my mother always gave me the hard core of the cabbage to eat like a carrot. Yummy

  3. I go for simple – loved this as a child. Cut remaining cabbage into eighths and boil until soft. I was a picky eater but I ate this. Add salt when its finished cooking.

  4. The Polish name is Golumpkl. They remind me of our mother. She could make them with her eyes closed. Not everybody can do it. We have a friend who is a good cook and caterer. He wanted to make them for an event. My mother tried to teach him. He could not do it. She made them for him. Your blog brought back a fond memory.

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